I tried watching On the Verge and couldn't get through an episode. And I LOVE Julie Delpy. She is my not-so-secret 30 year crush. The Before trilogy are all 3 in my top ten films of all time. I really liked Two Days in Paris and Two Days in New York.

The Last Thing He Told Me doesn't really interest me and it's getting pretty awful reviews so I'll skip that one. I have The Diplomat on my "if I ever have time" list. And Tiny Beautiful Things I started and like somewhat. My wife did not like it so I'll have to watch that one myself. It's worth it just for Kathryn Hahn. She is always amazing. I was SO BUMMED that Mrs. Fletcher wasn't renewed and that was really good. Anyway, I saw a stage play of Tiny Beautiful Things that was structured around the letters to Dear Sugar and it was not good at all. The way they adapted the book for the TV show is way better. They are definitely playing loose with the real stories of both the book and Cheryl Strayed's life as portrayed in Wild. But that's all good with me.

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The dynamic I loved in The Diplomat is how Kate's insecurity in her own abilities continued to self-sabotage her marriage. She wanted Hal's help, then pushed him away when he helped. When she succeeded with his help, she got angry and acted like he thought she was stupid or something. She kept externalizing her own insecurities. I appreciated the nuance of their relationship.

I also loved the fact that she always looked frazzled and needed to wash her hair and hated wearing dresses. LOL saaaaaame, girl. same.

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