Fine Young Cannibals, Father Figure, & The End of the Innocence thematically sum up this episode. Plus, some bonus content featuring shows you need to…
The episode explores young queer love and more tragedy as we peel back a layer of the Ellie origin story AND we find out what becomes of Joel after last…
In the penultimate letter of the JenMac/Beth letters exchange, we explore a few items of interest. Dig in.
David Bowie's Major Tom has more to do with this episode than you'd think.
We are half way thru season 1 and this week's episode was pitch perfect.
Not enough jinkies, no Scooby, plenty of dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics, and a South Asian heroine with a diverse cast form this modern adaptation…
Anatomy of a hot-off-the Netflix-release-shelf Valentine's Day Rom-Com
Joel and Ellie finally bond. We meet ruthless villains and learn that sometimes the enemy of your enemy is not in fact a friend, but someone hell bent…
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